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Kegsani Bulk hand sanitiser 

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Less maintenance, lower costs, 100% recyclable

The real Costs

“About 75% of coronavirus plastic will likely become waste clogging our landfills and floating in our seas”

– United Nations –

While most of us didn’t expect the pandemic, none of us expected the hidden costs of supplying hand sanitiser. These include the time spent refilling sanitiser stations, the lost time and wages, the growing cost of sanitiser and the huge amount of plastic bottles being sent to landfill. Find out how much you could be saving below.

100% Recyclable Kegs

KeySani uses containers are 100% recyclable so there is no need to dispose of plastic bottles

Less refilling

KegSani uses up to 20 litre containers which means up to 98% less staff time is wasted refilling sanitiser stations

Lower costs

Buying your sanitiser in bulk means lower prices and less wastage

Estimate your savings

Calculate your average savings by moving the slider below:


Interactive feedback lighting

The built-in feedback lighting let’s users know when the process is complete. Dispensing precisely controlled to limit over use

Branding Options

Your sanitiser stations should match your brand. The KegSani has a number of different branding opportunities on multiple surfaces

capital brewing co branded hand sanitiser dispenser kegsani

looks great

Professional industrial design means you get a great looking modern design that solid and dependable

Touch Free

A completely automated touch free operation running on 6v power (battery powered upgrade coming soon!)

Australian Designed + Made

KegSani is completely designed and made in Australia from locally sourced and sustainable materials


The KegSani is compatible with the ultra safe and recyclable KeyKeg 10 litre and 20 litre containers as well as a range of other types.

customer example

safe + sustainable

One of the biggest unseen costs which we all share responsibility for is the effect that this situation will have on our environment. A hasty response to hand sanitiser shortages has meant that millions of plastic containers are headed for landfill already. KegSani is designed to tackle this issue by reducing the number of containers required and their recyclable nature means a null effect on our environment.

DGA Approved

KeyKeg containers are approved by the DGA (Dangerous Goods Authority) for the safe storage of flammable ethanol based hand sanitiser. The Double Wall technology provides incredible protection during transport and storage.


Each KeyKeg container is 100% recyclable and can be refilled a number of times. Moreover, KeyKeg containers are made from 30% recyclable materials to begin with.

Better & Safer Storage

KeyKegs are designed to stack safely and take up much less room in storage. The internal bladder and Double Wall technology make them incredible safe in the event of falls or collision accidents within your storage.


Buy, lease or hire from $68 per week

Available to purchase outright or lease from $68 per week including sanitiser. We also have day hire rates available for events.

If you would like more information about our product range or if you are interested in becoming a reseller, please fill out the enquiry for below and we’ll get back to you asap.

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